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Purpose in Life - Dwayne D Williams
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Purpose in Life


One of the many things we desire to know about ourselves is our purpose in life. Like so many others, Dwayne desired to know why he exists and what he should be doing through his existence. Dwayne now knows that his purpose is to help others achieve by helping them identify and operate from their true gifts, talents, and abilities.  Dwayne says, “I have identified my purpose and calling. Words can’t explain how I feel when I help people improve their lives and when I help people develop personally and professionally. When I connect with what God has put inside me—helping others achieve—I know that I operate in my calling, and the gratification I feel is supernormal.” It is not coincidence that Dwayne chose to study psychology when he entered undergraduate and graduate school. Actually, he almost dropped out of college because he did not connect with a particular field. He believed there was nothing he wanted to study. He added classes to his school schedule only to drop them within two weeks or so. He hated school. Literally!

Dwayne’s perception of school and learning all changed when he began to study human behavior. When he began studying psychology, he really studied. He spent countless hours reading not only his required assignments, but also other information that pertained to human behavior and people. He was motivated. What changed his work ethic? The answer is he connected with his purpose. This does not mean that studying psychology, in and of itself, is his purpose in life. Rather, all that he connects his mind to that pertains to understanding people and helping them achieve are building blocks to his purpose. When Dwayne helps you achieve, which is helping you develop mentally, emotionally, and professionally, he operates in his purpose and calling. An important question is this: What exactly are you supposed to be doing with your life? Maybe you don’t know the answer to this question yet. You will know when your purpose pulls you in, for example, when you become unusually fascinated with some area of life, just as Dwayne did. Your purpose will reveal itself sometime during your development.

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