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Insight x Action - Dwayne D Williams
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The Formula to Success: Insight x Action = Change

The content within this site focuses specifically on achieving success in every area of your life—not just one area, but every area. Do you believe it is possible to experience success in every area of your life? Experiencing success in every area of your life is what I call the God kind of success, in that God never meant for us to lack in any area of our being. Understanding this concept—the God kind of success idea—requires spiritual development, because our earthly mind is trained to believe that we must fail in at least one area of our life, if not all areas.

As a success coach and school psychologist, I train clients based on the “God kind of success principle.” I use the formula Insight x Action = Change to help clients experience success, as success is a consequence of changing behavior—including changing your thought life about your worth, skills, talents, and abilities.

Many people desire to accomplish success in various areas, but do not have an approach. Some people have all the knowledge they need to achieve success (insight), but do not apply their knowledge to achieve their goals (action).

Others are applying (action) their knowledge (insight) and working toward their goal, but fail continuously. Why do you believe these individuals fail to achieve their goal—after all, they have insight and are applying their knowledge?

One reason why these people may fail is because their insight—or knowledge—may be inaccurate. In other words, they actively apply what they know, but at some point in their life, they were misinformed; that is, they were provided the wrong advice, directions, or feedback. Instead of applying knowledge that leads to success, they apply the “misinformation,” which leads them in the opposite direction of their goal. These individuals ram themselves into a wall each time they apply their knowledge. Thus, an important question is, Who is your advisor? Who do you go to for feedback?

To achieve the success that you desire, you must gain insight that is accurate (and have an objective system of doing so) and once you gain this knowledge, you must begin to apply that information to your life. This is the application of Insight x Action—which is the formula to success.

 Success requires change . . .

 Want to increase your income? If so, apply the formula to your finances.

Want to write a book? If so, apply the formula to your writing.

Want to start a business? If so, apply the formula to your skills and services.

Want to improve relationships? If so, apply the formula to your relationships.

The formula to success: Insight x action = change

 What do you know that will help you get to where you want to be in life?

What do you know that will help you achieve that goal?

What skills must you know?

What must you be able to do?

What kind of thoughts must you produce?

What emotional skills must I acquire?

What are predictors of success?

 In order to achieve success, there are certain things you must know.

Once you learn these things—once you gain insight—you must apply that knowledge to your current situation.

 Now here is the deal:

Insight x Action = Active Faith . . . 

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