African American school boy reading a book - Black peopleIncreasing Engagement with Culturally Relevant RTI Models

Most educators have heard of culturally relevant RTI, but may not know how these models should look in the classroom when working with African-American students. This site addresses CR-RTI models, including Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 evidence-based instruction/interventions that have been effective at increasing engagement among students of color.

At Tier 1 Educational Coaching and Consulting Services, our mission is to provide free resources for teachers that will enhance their gifts, talents, and abilities with regard to engaging students of color in the classroom. Our vision is to assist districts with increasing academic performance among their students of color, including African-American and Latino students, and to contribute to narrowing the achievement gap that leaves so many students behind. If you are interested in step-by-step approaches to creating culturally relevant RTI and problem solving models, subscribe to our newsletter by providing your name and email address at the right of this page.


Are you a member yet? Members of our site are eligible for additional services and resources, including one-on-one and group consultation on how to create effective RTI and culturally relevant models, free books, “question-answer” opportunities, and other services/items. The free book that is currently available to all members is our cultural awareness manual—A Cultural Awareness Manual: What Every Teacher Should Know About Characteristics Associated with Traditional African-American Culture. Access our “members” page, join our site, and download your manual today!

Our resources will

  • increase your knowledge surrounding African-American culture;
  • enhance your understanding of the role culture plays in education;
  • increase your understanding of why many students of color are referred for special education services;
  • boost your ability to create effective culturally relevant RtI and problem solving models;
  • increase your ability to align culturally relevant instruction with Common Core State Standards;
  • strengthen your ability to engage African-American students not only academically, but also cognitively, and emotionally;
  • boost your knowledge surrounding behavioral intervention strategies;
  • allow you to create goals and progress monitor what you learn from the manual—and more!

Building level teams who would benefit from our resources: problem solving teams, grade level teams, professional learning communities (PLCs), and school improvement teams. Any team or committee who has goals of strengthening their RTI model and increasing performance among students of color would benefit from our resources.


In response to reading our recently published book, An RtI Guide to Improving Performance of African-American Students: What Every Teacher Should Know About Culture and Academic Engagement, Pat Quinn says, “This book [An RtI Guide] is both encouraging and relevant to the work that educators are doing. It is a real asset to any teacher. Every teacher who wants to fully engage all students should read this book!”

—Pat Quinn, The RTI Guy, one of the nation’s leading experts on RTI

 Dwayne D. Williams, M.A., Ed.S

Founder of Tier I Educational Coaching and Consulting Services

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